About Delka Consulting

We lay our foundation on industrial research, and we can specialized in industrial research; in the future, we will continue to practice the "artisan spirit" to serve customers

Company Introduction

Delka Consulting was founded in 2008; currently the company has nearly 200 employees; Delka has set up branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Japan Nagoya, Tokyo,and Canada Toronto, and is dedicated to market research, data services and strategic consulting.

Delka Consulting's brand - "MIR Industry": Based on the industrial field, MIR has years of experience in research of robot, automation and intelligent manufacturing, medical and pharmaceutical, industrial products, electric machine, intelligent Home Furnishing, energy and power distribution, building, chemical, automotive, data centers and other industries, and are gradually extending to the downstream industries. We have set up a professional research team for each segment of the industry for track and service, providing customers with both global vision and localization services.

Since the establishment, Delka Consulting's researches cover a number of countries around the world, which are mainly in Chinese, Japanese, Southeast Asian and the European & American markets, and has set up dozens of liaison office in North America, South America, Europe, Southeast Asia and other regions. After years of unremitting efforts and perseverance:

  • We have accumulated rich project experience, implemented more than 3000 customized projects, including industry research, product research, competitor research, cost analysis and strategic consultancy;
  • We have a large number of talented employees, of which more than 20% have more than five years of working experience in the industrial field, more than 10% come from top companies in industrial fields, and each professional team can use Chinese and Japanese, English, South Korean and other languages for daily communication, reporting and report writing;
  • We have accumulated a wealth of industrial resources - we have 1.2 million industrial experts and user databases, as well as a complete industrial market database.

So far, we help nearly a hundred outstanding enterprises at home and abroad, including Chinese Petroleum, Chinese Aerospace, Shanghai Electric, Fuji Motor, MITSUBISHI Motor, SIEMENS, Schneider, GE, and ABB, to better understand the industrial market, provide accurate and efficient solution in support of their scientific decision-making during the operation of the market.

Since the first day when Delka Consulting was established, Delka has been strictly performing market research industry standards: Delka will definitely not report false interest related business data driven by interests; will definitely not cheat on customers with wrong data or compiled data; definitely not do things that will harm market research industry reputation, or disobey occupation morality or laws & regulations.

We only do rigorous, authentic and objective market data researches and enterprise strategy consulting services. We have professionally committed to mergers and acquisitions advisory, strategic consulting, overseas market research and consulting services, industrial products market research and data services, and to providing products and brands positioning marketing services to enterprises who have accurate target markets.

We will adhere to the brand reputation of Delka Consulting, always adhere to the "sincere, honest, objective and rigorous" values, and adhere to the "data base determines the upper decision" consultation theory; based on customer needs, Delka fulfills the practice of "artisan spirit"; Delka will never forget the original values, making innovation and progresspositively and steadily, striving to become the world's most trusted enterprise.

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Contact Us

Toronto Office
Business Director: Sean Ding
Mobile phone: +1-647-677-6181
Email: sean.ding@mirdatabank.ca
Address: 1 King Street West, Suite 4800, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 1A1

Nagoya Office
Business Director: Tony Toita
Tel: +81 052-211-9553
Mobile phone: +090-5457-2392
Address: Room 303, Akahori Building, 1-10-26 Izumi,
Higashi-ku, Nagoya

Tokyo Office
Business Director: Changsheng Lai
Mobile phone: + 090-6944-1874
Email: changsheng.lai@delkaconsulting.com
Address: 3 - 9 - 9, West Kasai, Edogawa City, Tokyo Metropolis

Beijing Headquarters
Account Manager: Xia Shen
Tel: (+86) 10-84764212
Mobile phone: 13683509940
Address: Room 1607, 16th Floor, Unit B, Tower 3, Wangjing SOHO, Wangjing Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Shanghai Office
Account Manager: Yuije Li
Tel: (+86 ) 21-54717582
Mobile phone: +86 18221802598
Address: Room 904, Lianhua Building, No. 159, Tianzhou Road,
Xuhui District, Shanghai

Wuhan Office
Account Manager:Xuejiao Li
Mobile phone: +86 15921636781
Email: xuejiao.li@delkaconsulting.com
Address: Room 505-1, Building A, Jianyin Business Mansion,
12 Chuangye Road, Dun Kou Street, Wuhan Economic & Technological Development Zone