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large capacity deposit machine project


a financial self-service equipment supplier plans to develop large-capacity deposit machine products; MIR helps them understand the present application scenarios of large capacity deposit machine, users’ needs, business status of competitors, etc., so as to make strategic decisions on product development

Areas of concern:Financial Equipment

area of research: large-capacity deposit machines

Type of study: product research

Because it is fast in deposit, and reduces the user cost and cash management risk, large-capacity deposit machines have been gradually more often used in the gas station, farmers market, bank branches and other places; at the same time, competitors are constantly introducing large-capacity deposit machine products; therefore, there is an urgent need for market analysis of large-capacity deposit machine.

1. application scenario analysis of large-capacity cash deposit machine; 2. large-capacity deposit machine user demand analysis; 3. products and business strategy analysis of large capacity deposit machine competitors; 4. product development proposals

By interviewing with industry experts, EU, and high-capacity deposit machine suppliers, MIR completes the report and give customers product and market development proposals