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China Auto Parts Automation Market Research

With the world market are having gradually higher demands for retail component products’ safety, environmental protection and energy efficiency, as well as increasingly stringent regulations and standards; customers’ demands for product personalization, diversification, and production automation are increasing, requirements for information technology are getting higher; one companies hope that through detailed industry research they can understand the relevant circumstances of Chinese auto parts automation market.

Areas of concern:Automobile

area of research:automobile production machine tools, presses, testing machines, forming machine

Type of study:automotive component automation industry research

During the "13th Five-Year" planning, China automobile market will still be in a stage of rapid development; China is transforming from auto big power to auto strong power, while the development of the automobile industry cannot do without the support of the development of equipment manufacturing industry; developing automobile parts automation line, which is a part of automobile equipment manufacturing, is of great significance; the company hopes that through the detailed industry research, they can understand the relevant circumstances of China auto parts automation market.

1.. Understand the market operation status of auto parts automation industry; 2. understand the competitive situation of auto parts manufacturing automation market; 3., dig deeply auto parts manufacturing automation key enterprises operating conditions; 4. Developing trends and investment forecasts of auto parts manufacturing automation industry.

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