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Business Model of Machine Tool Industry


Business model of the machine tool industry has its own uniqueness compared with other industries; Japanese, Korean and European & American machine tool companies have different sales models and channel management of its products. Although they are different, they have their own unique features which can help them achieve their sales targets effectively. By studying the business model of the leading enterprises in the machine tool industry as reference for enterprises, and by combining with their own environment, resources and other practical conditions, they design a unique business model, forming their own competitive advantages.

Areas of concern:Machine Tool

area of research:sales model and agent level management of target machine tool enterprises

Type of study:Target enterprise research

With the promulgation of the policy to encourage domestic real economy, the gradual implementation of the "The Belt and Road" policy, and the policy dividend of "04 Special", the spring of domestic machine tool market development has come. In order to better understand how other machine tool enterprises manage agents and optimize sales channels effectively, the enterprise learns from and absorb the essence of other manufacturers, and effectively guides their own channel management and business development.

1. target enterprise's sales channel management in China 2. classification of agents and how to manage their agents effectively

first, design the project implementation scheme and implementation plan, to ensure the feasibility of the project and that all resources are fully utilized. Then, obtain all aspects of information through various channels, including but not limited to telephone interviews, face-to-face interviews, and expert databases. Finally, integrate and analyze the information to form a substantial and valuable report and present it to the customer.