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Feasibility Study of Full-solid Lithium Battery Industry Investment

a customer intends to invest in the full-solid state thin-film lithium battery industry. MIR provides the client with a full description of the solid lithium battery industry; surveys potential and collaborative partners; proposes investment proposals; makes plans。

Areas of concern:Investment banking consultancy

area of research:solid state thin-film lithium battery Global Industry & market analysis; benchmarking research; business plan

Type of study:investment banking consulting

full-solid state thin-film lithium batteries are characterized by flexibility and high safety, and have broad application prospects. A state-owned company intends to acquire an overseas full-solid state thin-film lithium battery enterprise, and make layout in China's full-solid state thin-film lithium battery industry

1. full-solid state thin film lithium battery global market analysis 2. an overseas company benchmarking enterprise survey 3. combined with the market analysis and benchmarking enterprise survey (partner), provide with views on the feasibility of investment 4. provide with investment business plan

Based on China's headquarters, Japan office, the U.S. liaison office, and the European liaison office, MIR carries out global investigationS.