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Based on the industrial field, we have many years of research experience in robotics, automation and intelligent manufacturing, medical and pharmaceutical, industrial products, electric machine, intelligent home, energy and power distribution, building, chemical, automotive, and data center, and we are gradually expanding to the upstream and downstream industries.

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Industrial robot is one of the most important high-tech achievements in the twenty-first century. Robot products have been widely used in many fields of the society. At present, industrial robot is not only used in mining, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, shipbuilding, automobiles and auto parts manufacturing, machinery processing industry, electronic industry, rubber and plastics industry, food industry, wood and furniture manufacturing and other traditional industrial manufacturing fields, but also has been expanded to nuclear energy, aviation, aerospace, medicine, biochemistry and other high-tech fields, as well as household cleaning, medical rehabilitation and other service industries. The vigorous development of robot industry has played an important role in improving the level of industrial automation in the world.


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