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Based on the industrial field, we have many years of research experience in robotics, automation and intelligent manufacturing, medical and pharmaceutical, industrial products, electric machine, intelligent home, energy and power distribution, building, chemical, automotive, and data center, and we are gradually expanding to the upstream and downstream industries.

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Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals


The medical device industry involves many industries, such as medicine, machinery, electronics, plastics and so on. It is a multi-disciplinary, knowledge intensive and capital intensive high-tech industry. The basic characteristics of high-tech medical equipment is digitalization and computerization; it is the crystallization of the multidisciplinary modern high technology; the products have high technical content and high profit, making it the commanding elevation in the competition between technological powers and large international companies; it requires a higher threshold for entering this industry. Even in the sub-sector industries whose overall gross profit margins are low, and whose investments are not high in the sub sectors, products with high technical contents still emerge continuously, from which a number of enterprises with strong profitability are bred. Therefore, the overall trend of the industry is high input and high profit.

Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals

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