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Based on the industrial field, we have many years of research experience in robotics, automation and intelligent manufacturing, medical and pharmaceutical, industrial products, electric machine, intelligent home, energy and power distribution, building, chemical, automotive, and data center, and we are gradually expanding to the upstream and downstream industries.

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Industrial products e-commerce and digital marketing


Industrial products refer to products and services purchased by business enterprises, government agencies or institutions, for production, sales, maintenance or development. According to the different uses of the products in production, industrial products are subdivided into raw material, equipment, components, spare parts, consumption supplies and services. In the Internet's open network environment, based on the browser / server mode, buyers and sellers conduct industrial business activities without meeting with each other, realizing online trading and online electronic payment among enterprises and vendors, and a variety of business activities, trading activities, financial activities and related comprehensive service activities, forming a new type of business operation.

Industrial products e-commerce and digital marketing

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