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Machine Tool


Machine tool is the carrier of advanced manufacturing technology and the basic production means of equipment industry; it is the fundamental equipment in the equipment manufacturing industry; it mainly serves for the industries of automotive, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, electrical equipment, railway locomotives, and ships. Because of the key role of machine tool industry to the national defense and the competitiveness of manufacturing industry, our government has raised machine tool industry to the strategic position, and has listed the development of large, high-precision and high-speed CNC equipment and components as part of the important goals of national rejuvenation. In the next few years, China's machine tool industry is expected to continue the rapid growth; at the same time, it is expected to achieve a qualitative breakthrough in technological capacity, forming international competitiveness in the field of high-end machine, and give birth to several top-class machine tool enterprises. Overall, China's machine tool market momentum will still be relatively strong in the medium and long-term development, and China's machine tool industry will enter the period of strategic opportunities in the next few years .

Machine Tool

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