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Based on the industrial field, we have many years of research experience in robotics, automation and intelligent manufacturing, medical and pharmaceutical, industrial products, electric machine, intelligent home, energy and power distribution, building, chemical, automotive, and data center, and we are gradually expanding to the upstream and downstream industries.

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Data service refers to data acquisition, processing, application & management and other related services. Its value lies in extracting useful information from the data in order to facilitate the enterprise to carry out marketing activities, market forecast and production optimization, and realize its maximized profits in business activities through risk control in accordance with the market and their own users. Big data is the part of data services to provide services for mass data. Various sources of data, different data analysis models and rapidly developed distributed computation have made it possible to process massive data.

Date Center

Data Center Market Resear...

In this Internet+ era, the data center industry has a good momentum of development in...

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