Market Research

We take the customer demand as the starting point, making subdivisions in the industrial field, to provide enterprises with customized research plans and market reports featuring with both global vision and local features.

Market Research

Research on Products and Markets

The main purpose of the research on the products and markets is to comprehensively understand the target market of the products, so as to guide the next market layout
the research contents include:
1. Market Size and Development Trend
2. Market Competition Situation
3. Mainstream Manufacturers
4. Market Business Model

Research on Channel Management and Expansion

Research Contenets:
1.Organizational Structure
3.Product Assortment
4.Business Model
5.Channel Policy
6.Price Policy

Research on Industry Penetration Tactics

Through our research accumulation in the industrial field for many years, we mainly do in-depth research from the following aspects:
1. Analysis on Market Environment
2. Analysis on Industry Chain
3. Analysis on Market Supply and Demand
4. Analysis on Product Import and Export
5. Analysis on Competitive Landscape

Research on Competitors

1.Target Competitors
2.Organizational Structure
3.Analysis on Business Model
4.Performance and Subdivided Performances
5.Price Management System
6.Service and Logistics Systems
7.Training System
8.Salary System
9.Analysis on Channel Management and Tactics

Research on Supply Chain

Research Contents:
1. Research on Supplier Introduction and Management
2. Research on Supply Chain Product Manufacturing
3. Research on Supply Chain Production Planning
4. Research on Supply Chain Product Delivery
5. Research on Supply Chain Organization Structure

Research on Cost Structure

Research Contents:
1. Research and Analysis on DVC (direct variable cost)
including BOM, direct labor, water and electricity
2. Research and Analysis on MBC (manufacturing base cost)
including land, houses, equipment, spare parts and total company losses
3. Research and Analysis on SFC (support function cost)
including sales operation, post-sales service, R & D and marketing.

Quarterly Monitering on Industry Prosperity

Research Contents:
1. Monitoring on Market sizes of Overall industry and Products
2. Monitoring on Policies and Investment Plans Related to Industry
3. Monitoring on Hot Topics in Industry
4. Monitoring on Performances of Major Manufacturers in Industry

Quarterly Monitering on Competitors

Research Contents:
1.Monitoring on Organizational Structure
2.Monitoring on Product R & D and Prices
3.Monitoring on Markerting Channels, Cooperative Clients and Service Nodes
4.Monitoring on Industry Development Strategies, Digital Strategy and Double Carbon Policies

Annual Standard Report

Carry out annual tracking on key industrial products and markets, and provide analysis on annual overall market, marketing channels, industrial products, industrial standard reports and data.